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Emirates Wins Prestigious Global Award for Best Inflight Entertainment

In a dazzling display of onboard entertainment excellence, Emirates has clinched the coveted title of ‘Best Inflight Entertainment Award’ at the esteemed 2024 Airline Excellence Awards, hosted by

The announcement, made online, heralds Emirates as the undisputed leader in inflight entertainment, setting a new benchmark for sky-high leisure.

Emirates secured this prestigious accolade amidst stiff competition from global counterparts, thanks to its unparalleled offering of 6,500 channels brimming with top-tier content.

Boasting the world’s largest entertainment library in the skies, Emirates outshone the competition with a diverse array of options tailored to satisfy every passenger’s entertainment palate.

Passengers aboard Emirates flights are treated to an immersive experience, with access to over 2,000 Hollywood blockbusters, including the latest Academy Award® winners, alongside an extensive selection of TV series from leading streaming platforms and media giants like HBO Max and BBC.

The airline also caters to diverse cultural tastes, with a curated collection of over 300 Bollywood and South Asian movies in 13 languages, as well as more than 150 Arabic and Emirati titles.

What sets Emirates apart is its unwavering commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. With over 300 movies featuring ‘Closed Captions’ and 140 with ‘Audio Description’, Emirates ensures that all passengers, including the visually impaired, can fully enjoy the entertainment offerings.

Additionally, Emirates provides specially designed headphones for children’s comfort and compatibility with hearing aids, further enhancing the inflight experience for all.

Geoffrey Thomas, Editor-in-Chief of, lauded Emirates’ inflight entertainment system as a cut above the rest, emphasizing the airline’s continuous innovation and dedication to passenger satisfaction. Emirates’ pioneering spirit was evident from the onset, as it was one of the first airlines to introduce seat-back videos for economy-class passengers nearly three decades ago.

Emirates’ commitment to excellence extends beyond entertainment, with the airline continually updating its inflight content and forging exclusive partnerships to offer passengers a seamless and personalized travel experience.

From curated playlists and live TV channels to podcasts and audiobooks, Emirates leaves no stone unturned in delivering unparalleled inflight entertainment.

As Emirates continues to soar to new heights, passengers can expect nothing short of an extraordinary journey enriched with world-class entertainment, setting the standard for inflight excellence across the globe.

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