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Davis & Shirtliff Urges Increased Investment in Water Projects Amidst Drought Crisis in Zambia 

On the commemoration of World Water Day, Davis & Shirtliff, a prominent water and energy solutions provider, has issued a call for heightened collaboration between public and private entities to combat the escalating water crisis in Zambia. 

With the nation facing the harsh realities of a prolonged drought and grappling with acute food shortages affecting millions, the company stresses the urgent necessity for investment in water infrastructure to avert conflicts, fortify food security, and mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change.

Zambia, having declared a national emergency in response to the drought, is confronting severe water scarcity across numerous provinces. Jonathan Mainga, the country manager for Davis & Shirtliff Zambia, highlighted the pivotal role of sustained investments in water projects to attain universal water access and enhance climate resilience. 

He accentuated the potential of technology, notably solar-powered boreholes, to expand water access for irrigation purposes and diminish the vulnerability of communities reliant on rain-fed agriculture.

The company’s plea resonates amidst alarming warnings from experts, as outlined in the 2023 State of Africa Environment report, regarding the depletion of crucial water basins and the looming specter of food insecurity. The report underscores the imperative for concerted efforts to tackle unsustainable water usage and foster cooperation among nations sharing water resources.

Mr. Mainga underscored the significance of international cooperation in managing shared water resources, highlighting that only a fraction of countries with transboundary water sources have cooperation agreements in place. 

Against this backdrop, Davis & Shirtliff has bolstered its presence across Africa, marking recent milestones such as the inauguration of its largest distribution center in Zambia, aimed at ensuring access to clean and safe water for all.

Through its #ImprovingLives initiative, Davis & Shirtliff has spearheaded numerous sustainable water projects impacting over 1.2 million people across the continent. 

The company’s advocacy for increased investment in water infrastructure reflects its dedication to addressing pressing challenges and fostering sustainable development in Zambia and beyond.

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