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Infant Rescued After Alleged Abduction

Ngwerere Police Station, acting through Moomba Police Post, responded swiftly to a distress call received on March 20th, 2024, regarding the alleged theft of a week-old baby boy.

The report, made by Angela Kaluba, 20, residing in Meanwood, implicated Easter Phiri, 19, also from Meanwood, as the suspect behind the abduction.

The incident, which occurred around 11:00 AM in the 15 Miles area, left the community in shock and concern for the safety of the infant.

According to Kaluba’s account, she encountered Phiri at the 15 Miles Market while returning from Kayosha Clinic, where she had taken her baby for an injection. Phiri, purportedly known to Kaluba, engaged her in conversation and accompanied her to a nearby restaurant while she waited for her husband.

During their time together, Phiri allegedly requested to hold the baby while Kaluba selected food items. However, Phiri’s intentions soon turned suspicious as she left the restaurant with the infant under the guise of purchasing roasted meat, locally known as “Shokazi.”

Concern mounted when Phiri failed to return, prompting Kaluba to seek assistance from restaurant staff and initiate a search for her missing child.

A thorough search effort, spanning from 15 Miles to 20 Miles (Katuba Area), eventually led to Phiri’s apprehension and the safe recovery of the abducted child. Phiri currently remains in police custody as authorities investigate the motive behind her actions.

In response to the incident, Rae Hamoonga, the Police Public Relations Officer, issued a statement reaffirming the Zambia Police Service’s dedication to safeguarding the community, particularly its most vulnerable members.

Hamoonga urged parents and guardians to exercise caution and vigilance when entrusting their children to others, emphasizing the importance of ensuring their safety and security at all times.

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