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Gov’t Commits to Support Promotion of Sustainable Food Systems in Social Protection Programs Implementation

The Government has announced its commitment to supporting initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable food systems in order to address the pressing challenges facing food security and sustainability.

This declaration was made by the Minister of Community Development and Social Services, Ms. Doreen Mwamba, who highlighted the multifaceted threats posed by economic, social, and environmental factors to food systems.

Speaking at the launch of the Urban Futures project, Minister Mwamba emphasized the critical need to tackle climate challenges in rapidly urbanizing areas. The four-year project, set to be implemented in Kitwe and Chongwe, aims to develop urban food systems and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

The initiative, led by Hivos Southern Africa in collaboration with partners such as Botnar, cuts international, CHEP, and a global network, is poised to foster green job creation, particularly through youth enterprises along the food systems value chain.

Highlighting the challenges faced by Kitwe and Chongwe, including poor access to information, inadequate infrastructure, high poverty levels, and environmental degradation, Minister Mwamba underscored the importance of transformative initiatives like the Urban Futures project.

She reiterated the government’s commitment to enhancing social protection programs while addressing the complex challenges posed by urbanization, climate change, and youth unemployment.

Echoing the sentiment of empowerment, Hivos Southern Africa’s regional director, Ms. Nana Zulu, urged youths to take ownership of the project, recognizing them as agents of change amidst numerous challenges.

Local leaders also expressed their support for the initiative. Kitwe Mayor, Ms. Mpasa Mwaya, and Chongwe counterpart, Mr. Christopher Habeenzu, acknowledged the adverse effects of urbanization on food systems and welcomed the project as a potential catalyst for positive change in their respective towns.

With the Government’s pledge to support sustainable food systems and the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders, there is optimism for meaningful progress in addressing food insecurity, climate change, and youth unemployment in urban areas.

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