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Kalomo District Urges Adoption of Smart Agriculture

In Kalomo Distric, Southern Province, District Commissioner Joshua Sikaduli has urged small-scale farmers to embrace smart agriculture techniques in response to the effects of climate change.

Speaking at a field day organized by Self Help Africa, Sikaduli emphasized the importance of crop diversification to ensure food security at the household level.

Sikaduli, represented by administrative officer Doreen Hadunka, stressed the significance of adopting new farming methods such as conservation farming, as advised by agriculture extension officers.

With the current drought affecting crop yields, Sikaduli urged farmers to consider planting drought-tolerant crops like millet, sorghum, cowpeas, and other legumes as alternatives to maize.

Self Help Africa’s Project Manager, Decision Mweemba, highlighted the positive impact of climate-smart agriculture practices adopted by some farmers in the program’s catchment area. These practices aim to enhance resilience to climatic variations and ensure sustainable agricultural productivity.

In response, lead farmer Albert Mandevu expressed gratitude to Self Help Africa for introducing alternative farming methods to small-scale farmers.

The organization is implementing the Drought Resilience to Overcome Poverty Project (DROPP) in Kalomo and Gwembe Districts, focusing on building resilience and improving livelihoods in the face of climate challenges.

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