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PUMA Energy Zambia Launches “BE ROAD SAFE AFRICA” Campaign to Empower Children

Puma Energy Zambia has initiated the “Be Road Safe Africa” campaign, focusing on educating primary school children on road safety, considering them as the most vulnerable road users.

Collaborating with key partners including Amend, an international non-governmental organization dedicated to road safety, and the Zambia Road Safety Trust (ZRST), the campaign aims to heighten awareness and create a secure environment for young learners.

The launch event saw the participation of Eng. Allen Mate, Board Chairperson of the Road Safety Agency (RTSA), who delivered the keynote speech on behalf of Hon Frank Museba Tayali, the Minister of Transport and Logistics.

Eng. Mate applauded Puma Energy Zambia for its timely initiative, aligning with the “Second Decade of Action For Road Safety 2021-2030” proclaimed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UN) Regional Commissions. This global initiative targets a reduction of road traffic deaths and injuries by at least 50% by 2030.

Hon. Tayali highlighted the alarming statistics regarding road traffic injuries, particularly among children, emphasizing that Africa faces the highest road death rates globally.

He emphasized human error as the primary cause of road traffic accidents and praised the “Be Road Safe Africa” campaign for its collaborative approach with schools to shape the behavior and attitudes of young road users effectively.

Five primary schools in Lusaka, situated in high-risk areas for road incidents, will kickstart the campaign, running from March to May 2024. Lusaka Province, with the highest number of road traffic accidents and fatalities in the country, stands to benefit significantly from this initiative.

Patricio Chababo, Managing Director at Puma Energy Zambia, emphasized road safety as a core component of the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy.

He reiterated Puma Energy’s commitment to promoting responsible driving habits through the “Be Road Safe Africa” campaign, aimed at equipping primary school children with vital road safety knowledge and skills.

Neema Swai, Amend Project Manager, outlined the campaign’s multifaceted approach, including comprehensive road safety education, a drawing competition, the establishment of “Be Road Safe” Clubs, and the implementation of a Kids’ Court program. These activities aim to empower children and hold adults accountable for reckless driving near schools.

The “Be Road Safe Africa” campaign, building on successful implementations in Botswana, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, underscores Puma Energy’s dedication to fostering a safer road environment for all stakeholders, particularly the most vulnerable road users – children.

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