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Zambians in the Diaspora Encouraged to Invest in Local Real Estate for Prosperous Future

As Zambia’s real estate market continues to show promising growth and demand, Valuation Surveyor & Business Consultant, Chisebwe Fumbeshi, is urging Zambians living abroad to consider investing in their home country’s property sector.

Fumbeshi, also the Chief Executive Officer of Fairworld Properties Limited, highlighted the abundant opportunities awaiting diaspora investors in Zambia’s flourishing real estate landscape.

“The reasons why those in the diaspora should invest in Zambia include the surging market, driven by the country’s economic expansion, rapid urbanization, and escalating demand for both residential and commercial properties,” stated Fumbeshi.

He emphasized Zambia’s investor-friendly climate, supported by the government’s commitment to fostering investment through competitive tax incentives and streamlined property acquisition processes.

Fumbeshi pointed out the varied investment opportunities available in Zambia, ranging from upscale residential developments to commercial and agricultural ventures.

He stressed that investing in Zambia’s real estate not only offers financial returns but also contributes to the nation’s development and improves the quality of life for its communities.

Fairworld Properties Limited, understanding the unique challenges faced by diaspora investors, is dedicated to providing comprehensive support services throughout the investment journey.

Fumbeshi highlighted their expert investment guidance, personalized advice, assistance with financing options, and full-spectrum investment services, ensuring a smooth and rewarding experience for investors.

“Step into Zambia’s Real Estate Future,” urged Fumbeshi, inviting Zambians living abroad to explore the vibrant and ever-growing real estate market in Zambia.

He emphasized that now is the opportune moment to invest in a sector integral to the national development agenda, promising not only high returns but also meaningful contributions to Zambia’s progress.

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