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Over 1,400 ZNS Recruits Pass Out, Govt Commits to Addressing Youth Unemployment

The Zambian National Service (ZNS) celebrated a significant milestone as over 1,400 recruits successfully completed their training at the ZNS Kabwe Training School, marking the largest intake in its history.

The New Dawn Government, under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema, fulfilled its promise to address youth unemployment by providing job opportunities through the recruitment.

Honorable Ambrose Lwiji Lufuma, the Minister of Defence, emphasized the government’s commitment to reducing youth unemployment by exploring various avenues for job creation.

Speaking at the Passout Parade for recruits intake 26/2023, Minister Lufuma highlighted the strategic importance of the Ministry of Defence in spearheading developmental activities, necessitating adequate manpower.

Of the 1,471 recruits, comprising 814 males and 657 females, who underwent six months of rigorous military training, Minister Lufuma expressed confidence that the increased manpower would be deployed in agricultural units, earthworks, and construction projects to enhance production and boost the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Furthermore, Minister Lufuma disclosed ongoing efforts to reintroduce voluntary training for school leavers, aligning with President Hichilema’s directive to prioritize skills development and youth empowerment.

Lt. Gen. Maliti Solochi, the ZNS Commander, emphasized the importance of additional production-based training programs to address the nation’s food production needs. He urged service personnel and their families to utilize available land for both subsistence and commercial farming.

Additionally, Lt. Gen. Solochi highlighted the recruits’ role in combating smuggling activities, particularly safeguarding national grain and its products, such as mealie meal.

The ZNS Commander commended the government for bolstering the institution’s workforce, enhancing its capacity to fulfill critical national assignments beyond territorial defense.

Colonel Peter Mwelwa, Commandant of the Kabwe Training School, affirmed the readiness of the recruits to undertake national tasks efficiently and effectively. Despite challenges such as attrition during training, the recruits demonstrated resilience and readiness for duty.

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