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Republic of Korea to Reopen Embassy in Zambia in 2024 Due to Heightened Diplomatic Engagement

SEOUL – The Ambassador of Zambia to the Republic of Korea, His Excellency Andrew Bwezani Banda, officially presented his credentials to His Excellency Yoon Suk Yeol, the President of the Republic of Korea, thereby formalizing his position as Zambia’s Ambassador to South Korea.

The credential presentation ceremony, conducted at the Presidential office in Seoul, saw Ambassador Banda expressing Zambia’s keen interest in fostering deeper and broader bilateral relations with South Korea. 

These relations are to be founded on shared values, economic development, and common interests. In this regard, Ambassador Banda conveyed President Hakainde Hichilema’s enthusiasm for strengthening ties between the two nations.

Furthermore, Ambassador Banda respectfully proposed to President Yoon the idea of establishing an official Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Zambia. 

He emphasized that such an Embassy would significantly enhance bilateral relations by facilitating direct diplomatic communication and promoting effective cooperation.

President Yoon Suk Yeol, in response to Ambassador Banda’s proposal, expressed his pleasure at receiving the letters of credence and indicated that the South Korean Government is actively considering the opening of an Embassy in Zambia in 2024. 

This decision is a direct result of the increasing diplomatic interactions and engagements between the two nations.

The forthcoming reopening of a South Korean Embassy in Zambia is poised to further solidify diplomatic ties, foster cooperation, and create a platform for enhanced collaboration between the Republic of Korea and Zambia. This development represents a significant step forward in their bilateral relations.

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