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KCC Enhances Municipal Services with Commissioning of Tractors and Trailers

The Kitwe City Council (KCC) has taken a significant step towards improving municipal services by procuring seven tractors and trailers at a total cost of K5,874,904, utilizing locally generated revenue. The commissioning of these assets was officiated by the Copperbelt Province Minister, Hon. Elisha Matambo MP, at City Square this morning.

In an official statement delivered by Emmanuel Lupikisha, the Public Relations Officer for the KCC, the commissioning ceremony marked a pivotal moment in Kitwe’s development trajectory.

Hon. Matambo praised the local authority for reinvesting funds collected from the community into community-driven initiatives, aligning with the principles of the New Dawn Government under President Hakainde Hichilema.

Kitwe Mayor, Her Worship Ms. Mpasa Mwaya, emphasized the importance of responsibly utilizing the newly procured equipment, particularly in addressing pressing issues such as waste management and road maintenance.

She called upon the public to actively support the council’s efforts by engaging recognized waste collectors, thereby contributing to a cleaner city environment.

Patrick Kambita, the Kitwe Town Clerk, provided insights into the procurement process, highlighting that each constituency will benefit from a tractor, with additional units dedicated to road maintenance and vegetation control. This procurement, he noted, would augment the existing fleet dedicated to waste collection and road maintenance in the district.

The commissioning ceremony was attended by various stakeholders, including Kitwe District Commissioner Mr. Lawrence Mwanza, Copperbelt UPND leadership, councillors, outgoing Ward Development Committee members, the clergy, and other community representatives.

Lubuto Ward Councillor Peter Kapikila expressed gratitude for the acquisition of the tractors, emphasizing their symbolic importance in driving progress and creating a cleaner, healthier environment for all Kitwe residents.

The tractors and trailers, supplied by Saro Industrial Limited, represent a tangible commitment by the Kitwe City Council to enhance service delivery and infrastructure maintenance, demonstrating proactive governance and community stewardship in line with national development objectives.

The procurement of these assets builds upon previous initiatives undertaken by the local authority, further solidifying Kitwe’s position as a dynamic urban center committed to sustainable development and improved quality of life for its residents.

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