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President Hichilema Leads Commemoration of International Women’s Day in Livingstone

President Hakainde Hichilema presided over the commemoration of International Women’s Day in Livingstone, Zambia’s Tourist Capital, emphasizing the theme “Invest in Women and Girls: Accelerate Progress.” The event showcased women’s achievements and underscored the importance of enhancing their well-being and promoting their advancement.

President Hichilema expressed his delight and honor in leading the commemoration, emphasizing the significance of investing in women and girls as a means to propel societal progress. 

He underscored that such investments are not just moral imperatives but essential for nurturing successful women and closing the gender gap, thereby preparing the groundwork for future generations of women leaders.

During his address, President Hichilema announced several initiatives aimed at supporting women’s advancement in Zambia. One notable initiative is the introduction of free education for girls and women, coupled with school grants provided through “The Keeping Girls in School Program” under the Constituency Development Fund. 

These measures are intended to ensure that girls have equal access to education, laying a foundation for their empowerment and leadership.

Additionally, President Hichilema highlighted efforts to accelerate skills development programs and provide support to women farmers through initiatives such as the Farmer Input Support Program and the Food Security Pack. 

These programs aim to enhance the economic opportunities available to women, enabling them to thrive in various sectors and contribute to the nation’s prosperity.

The President called upon all stakeholders to unite in the government’s endeavors to invest in women, stressing the importance of collective action in addressing gender inequality and fostering inclusive development. 

He emphasized that by working together, Zambia can create a more equitable and prosperous society where women and girls have the opportunity to realize their full potential.

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