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SADC and UNIDO Collaborate to Enhance Fisheries Governance and Trade in the Region

A validation workshop for the PROFISHBLUE project, aimed at tackling the insufficient fish and fisheries production in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region, took place in Lilongwe, Republic of Malawi, on February 6th, 2024.

This initiative, a joint venture between SADC and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), sought to confirm project outcomes and engage in discussions regarding policy alignment and the removal of obstacles to facilitate the unhindered movement of fish and fishery products.

Key stakeholders, including Dr. Hastings Zidana, the Director of Fisheries for the Republic of Malawi, and Dr. Motseki Hlatshwayo, the Technical Advisor for Fisheries at the SADC Secretariat and Project Manager for PROFISHBLUE, emphasized the importance of the meeting.

Dr. Zidana highlighted the significant role of fish in Malawi’s economy, constituting 4% of its GDP and providing 30% of the protein consumed in the country.

Dr. Hlatshwayo emphasized the project’s aim to enhance blue economy governance and trade mechanisms, promoting coordinated fishing practices and enhancing food and livelihood security.

Mr. Alejando Rivera Rojas, Project Manager at UNIDO, commended the commitment of SADC Member States to fostering partnerships for enhancing food security and developing the fisheries value chain.

The workshop saw presentations from various partners, shedding light on the status, lessons learned, and necessary developments for improving the social and economic benefits of fish trade in the SADC region.

Topics discussed included technical analysis of the fish trade, research reports on fisheries economy, trade policy regulations, and initiatives to improve intra and inter-regional trade.

PROFISHBLUE, supported by the African Development Bank (AfDB), aims to promote sustainable management of fisheries resources, improve food security, create employment through value chain activities, facilitate intra-regional trade, and build adaptive capacity within the blue economy context.

The meeting was attended by trade regulators, implementing partners, and national focal points from beneficiary Member States, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Mozambique, United Republic of Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Source: SADC Secretariat

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