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Smart Zambia Institute Boosts ZANIS Efficiency with Starlink Kits

The Smart Zambia Institute has generously donated two Starlink kits to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS). This initiative aims to bolster connectivity and streamline communication processes within the institution.

The handover ceremony, held recently, saw Ministry of Information and Media Permanent Secretary, Thabo Kawana, expressing gratitude for the timely support rendered by the Smart Zambia Institute.

Kawana emphasized the significance of these kits in improving service delivery, particularly considering ZANIS’s pivotal role in disseminating information across all 116 districts of Zambia.

Highlighting the practical benefits of the equipment, Kawana stressed that beyond facilitating the download of news footage, the kits would serve as a motivational tool for staff to expedite the dissemination of vital information to the public.

Acknowledging the importance of efficient communication channels, Smart Zambia National Coordinator Percy Chinyama underscored ZANIS’s role as a crucial communication entity.

Chinyama reiterated the necessity of providing ZANIS with the essential tools to fulfill its mandate effectively, especially amidst the ongoing challenges posed by climate change.

Elaborating on the technical specifications of the kits, Chinyama revealed their impressive 500-meter radius coverage, which can be further expanded if needed. Moreover, a one-year subscription has been catered for, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for ZANIS operations.

In her response, ZANIS Director Loyce Saili conveyed heartfelt appreciation to Smart Zambia for the generous donation, emphasizing its significance in expediting content processing and publication.

Saili pledged to ensure the optimal utilization of the equipment, thereby maximizing its impact on ZANIS’s operational efficiency.

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