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Emirates Cabin Crew Share Solo Travel Tips for Plan a Solo Vacation Day

As travelers worldwide celebrate Plan a Solo Vacation Day on March 1st, Emirates has compiled a set of exclusive tips and tricks to empower customers to fully embrace the thrill, freedom, and adventure of solo travel.

Solo travel has surged in popularity in the post-pandemic era, with 68% of respondents in a 2023 Solo Travel World survey identifying themselves as independent travelers.

Exploring the world solo offers a unique opportunity to tailor the journey to individual preferences, free from the compromises often required when traveling with companions. Whether you’re a seasoned solo traveler or embarking on your first independent adventure, Emirates’ diverse cabin crew members are here to revolutionize your travel experience.

Alessandra Piper, a seasoned Emirates crew member from the UK, advises prioritizing hotels with flexible booking policies. This ensures flexibility in extending stays without incurring cancellation fees, allowing for spontaneous adjustments to travel plans.

Eabha Sloyan from Ireland recommends exploring local food markets for an unforgettable culinary adventure. Sharing her experience at Tokyo’s renowned Tsukiji Market, Eabha highlights the energy, freshness, and exquisite flavors that make such experiences truly memorable.

Shamiso Guvava, hailing from the UK and drawing from her cabin crew training, emphasizes the importance of safety and cultural awareness. Vigilance, attentiveness, and respect for local customs ensure a safe and enriching solo travel experience.

Irfan Huseinovic, a Bosnian crew member, advocates for exploring cities on foot to immerse oneself fully in the local ambiance. Reflecting on his 25-day solo vacation in Malta, Irfan describes it as a journey of self-discovery filled with magical moments, from ancient ruins to breathtaking beaches.

Micaela Olivieri, an Argentinian Emirates crew member, shares practical safety tips, including keeping belongings secure and staying aware of cultural sensitivities. Trusting one’s intuition and staying present in the moment enhance the overall solo travel experience.

Alessandra Piper adds a final piece of advice: disconnect from technology to fully appreciate the surroundings and immerse oneself in the travel experience.

Emirates, renowned as the world’s largest international airline, boasts a multicultural cabin crew of over 21,500 members. With a fleet of over 260 aircraft serving more than 140 destinations, Emirates prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing top-notch training in safety, security, hospitality, and service.

Emirates extends a range of benefits to its cabin crew, including competitive salaries, medical benefits, accommodation, annual leave, and deeply discounted flight tickets for personal travel and companions. Aspiring cabin crew members are invited to explore career opportunities with Emirates through open days and assessments held in over 460 cities across six continents.

For those seeking to combine solo travel with a rewarding career in aviation, Emirates offers an unparalleled opportunity to soar to new heights.

Aspiring Emirates cabin crew members can visit for more information on recruitment events and open day schedules worldwide.

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