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ZDO Stands in Solidarity with Government Amidst Anticipated Crop Failure Due to El Niño-Induced Low Rainfall

In response to the looming threat of crop failure in Zambia due to El Niño-induced low rainfall, the Zambia Diaspora Organization (ZDO) has pledged its unwavering support to the government’s efforts to address the crisis. 

President Hakainde Hichilema’s call to recognize the resilience of rural farmers facing drought has been echoed by the ZDO, highlighting the necessity for collective action to ensure food security in the nation.

Ferdinand Simaanya, President of the ZDO, emphasized the need for collaboration between the government, stakeholders, and international partners to tackle the challenges posed by the adverse weather conditions. 

The ZDO expressed readiness to work alongside the government in convening a national indaba aimed at devising strategies to mitigate the potential crop shortage and its broader impact on food security.

Drawing inspiration from Zambia’s past resilience during similar adversities, particularly the challenges faced in 2002 under President Levy Mwanawasa’s leadership, the ZDO highlighted the nation’s ability to unite and find innovative solutions in times of crisis. 

By convening a national indaba of experts, the organization aims to tap into the collective knowledge and experience necessary to develop comprehensive and effective mitigation measures.

Simaanya stressed the urgency for the government to mobilize resources from various sectors, including NGOs, the private sector, and the international community, to roll out a program of action to address the anticipated impact on food security. 

He emphasized the importance of proactive collaboration and unity in navigating the current challenges, expressing confidence that, through concerted efforts, Zambia can emerge stronger as a nation.

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