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Zambia and Botswana Forge Ahead with Kazungula Bridge Authority Establishment

Zambia and Botswana convened in Gaborone, Botswana on February 22, 2024, for the Joint Ministerial Committee of the Kazungula Bridge Project. 

The primary agenda was to establish the Kazungula Bridge Authority, a jointly-owned entity tasked with overseeing the maintenance of the Kazungula Bridge and the One Stop Border Post Facilities.

Hon. Charles Milupi, the Zambian Minister of Infrastructure, acknowledged the enduring friendship between the two countries, which facilitated the project. 

He emphasized the necessity of the Kazungula Bridge Authority for the maintenance of the infrastructure. Milupi underscored the critical role of the bridge in facilitating the movement of goods and people, further highlighting its significant contribution to regional integration. 

He also pointed out the bridge’s potential to boost tourism and other economic activities, given its unique location at the world’s only quadripoint where Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe converge.

Botswana’s Minister of Transport and Public Works, Mr. Eric Molale, highlighted the increasing traffic at the bridge, emphasizing its relevance. 

He suggested that facilitating access to the bridge for travelers and tourists could transform it into an economic hub. Molale stressed the urgent need for efficient border operations between the two countries.

Both ministers affirmed the clarity of vision from their respective heads of state, Presidents Hakainde Hichilema and Eric Mokgweetsi Keabetswe Masisi, regarding the economic value of the project. They expressed optimism that the meeting would yield desired results.

In addition to the ministers, the meeting was attended by key officials, including the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, the Zambian High Commissioner to Botswana, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban Development, and counterparts from Home Affairs, Internal Security, Finance, and National Planning.

Other attendees included the Inspector General of Police, the Director General of Immigration, and other senior government officials.

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