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Copper Queens Forge Ahead with Determination Ahead of Clash Against Black Queens

As the showdown between Zambia’s Copper Queens and Ghana’s Black Queens looms in the 2024 Paris Olympics third-round qualifier, Zambia’s captain Barbara Banda exudes confidence, stating that her team remains resolute and undaunted by the formidable challenge ahead.

In an exclusive interview with the FAZ Media Team at the Accra City Hotel, Banda emphasized the team’s unwavering focus despite facing the Black Queens on their home turf in the first leg of the qualifier.

Acknowledging the anticipated intensity of the match, Banda expressed confidence in her team’s ability to rise to the occasion.

Banda’s remarks come in the wake of the untimely loss of teammate Norin Betani earlier in the week. Despite the emotional setback, Banda underscored the team’s determination to rally together and deliver a strong performance on the pitch.

“We know what is at stake,” Banda affirmed. “We are trying by all means to put ourselves together, and I hope we won’t be affected in the game. We know the reason we are here and the task. We have to concentrate and win the game.”

With a blend of youthful energy and seasoned experience within the Copper Queens’ ranks, Banda exuded confidence in her team’s capabilities, emphasizing their resilience and tenacity.

Despite acknowledging the challenge posed by the Black Queens, Banda asserted that her team would not be intimidated, emphasizing their readiness to confront the opposition head-on.

“Honestly, we are not intimidated by the Ghanaians,” Banda declared. “We have played a lot of games. We have experienced players. As I know my Copper Queens, we have young players, but I know them as stubborn Queens, and we are here for a purpose.”

The upcoming clash between Zambia and Ghana promises to be a riveting encounter, with both teams vying for a crucial victory to advance in the Olympic qualifiers. As the Copper Queens prepare to take on their Ghanaian counterparts, Banda’s words reflect the team’s unwavering determination and commitment to achieving success on the international stage.

Stay tuned for the thrilling action as Zambia’s Copper Queens gear up to face Ghana’s Black Queens in a battle of skill, strategy, and determination on the football pitch.

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