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UPPZ Commends Government on Mealie Price Reduction but Expresses Concerns over ZNS Deal

Charles Chanda, the leader of the United Prosperous And Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ), has offered congratulations to the Zambian government for its efforts to lower mealie prices, a matter of significant concern to many Zambians. Nevertheless, Mr. Chanda has voiced apprehensions regarding the government’s decision to employ the Zambia National Service (ZNS) for the exclusive delivery of mealie to ShopRite, a chain located in only a few provinces of the nation.

“While we acknowledge the government’s endeavors to decrease the cost of mealie, we find ourselves wondering about the ZNS’s sole provision of mealie to ShopRite, which operates in a limited number of provinces in the country. This decision raises more questions than it answers, and we are apprehensive about the implications of this action,” Mr. Chanda stated.

He continued by suggesting that the ZNS deal appears to be an instance of a government that is not fully addressing the underlying causes of mealie price increases in the country. He questioned why ShopRite, a supermarket chain owned by a multinational corporation, was selected as the exclusive beneficiary of the ZNS arrangement.

“Zambia possesses immense potential, and we require a government that is genuinely committed to resolving the issues affecting our citizens. What we are presently witnessing appears to be a government characterized by unseriousness, more focused on its self-interests than on the interests of the people it was elected to serve,” Mr. Chanda emphasized.

Additionally, he called upon the government to be transparent regarding the ZNS deal and to provide satisfactory responses to the numerous questions raised by the public.

“We urge the government to be forthright about this arrangement and to address the numerous questions raised by the public. The current situation calls for transparency rather than secretive or clandestine operations. The Zambian people have a right to know the truth,” he concluded.

Mr. Chanda’s statement comes at a time when many Zambians continue to grapple with the affordability of mealie, a staple food in the country. While the government has undertaken measures to lower the cost of mealie, many individuals remain skeptical about the efficacy of the measures being put in place.

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