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President Hichilema Outlines Economic Agenda and Skills Development Initiatives

President Hakainde Hichilema addressed the Economic Governance Training Workshop for Cabinet Ministers at the Mulungushi International Conference Center KK Wing in Lusaka today, highlighting key priorities and initiatives aimed at driving economic expansion and fostering skill development in the public sector.

Emphasizing the government’s agenda for the year, President Hichilema underscored the focus on economic expansion to facilitate job creation, promote business opportunities, and provide social support to citizens. 

He urged employees in the public service to pursue further skills training to enhance service delivery and qualifications.

President Hichilema commended the relaunch of the NIPA School of Governance as a strategic move to bolster the skills of public service workers. 

He noted amendments to public procurement laws, aimed at removing barriers to progress left by the previous administration, with ongoing efforts to further amend existing laws.

With a focus on economic growth in 2024, the government aims to improve the mining, agriculture, and energy sectors. President Hichilema highlighted the importance of investing in energy to support mining activities and address sectoral challenges.

Addressing concerns of misuse of public resources, President Hichilema cautioned procurement officers against personal gain and stressed the importance of prudent resource management to enhance service delivery.

Despite challenges such as the current dry spell affecting agriculture, President Hichilema encouraged citizens to remain engaged in the sector. 

He reaffirmed the government’s commitment to collaboration with the private sector to drive economic growth and acknowledged stakeholders for their contributions to national development.

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