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Agro Meteorological Bulletin Amidst Continued Dry Spell in Zambia

The Ministry of Green Economy and Environment has released the latest Agro Meteorological Bulletin, providing insights into the prevailing weather conditions and offering recommendations for farmers and livestock keepers amidst the ongoing dry spell affecting parts of Zambia.

According to the bulletin, the dry spell is expected to persist as most regions of the country have recorded below-average rainfall. Southern Zambia, in particular, faces challenges with insufficient soil moisture, exacerbating concerns for agricultural productivity.

However, there is hope for relief in the Northern and Eastern parts of Zambia, where significant rainfall is anticipated. Despite this, a reduction in soil moisture is expected countrywide, necessitating proactive measures from farmers and livestock keepers.

The Ministry has outlined several recommendations for farmers to mitigate the impact of the dry spell and maximize water utilization.

These include modifying agricultural practices, employing water conservation methods such as mulching and intercropping, and exploring sustainable alternative livelihoods to ensure household food security.

Livestock and fish farmers are advised to ensure sufficient feed and water for their animals, with regular monitoring of weather updates to guide stocking and harvesting decisions.

Additionally, during dry conditions, farmers are urged to intensively scout for pests and diseases, reporting any unusual occurrences to agricultural authorities.

Integrated pest management is recommended for addressing infestations such as fall armyworms, emphasizing a holistic approach to pest control.

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