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Education Ministry Ensures Transparent Issuance of Teacher Appointment Letters

In response to concerns raised by newly recruited teachers regarding delays in receiving appointment letters, the Ministry of Education has taken proactive steps to streamline the process and ensure transparency. 

Information and Media Permanent Secretary Thabo Kawana, along with Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary Noriana Muneku, visited the National Science Centre in Lusaka’s Kabulonga area to oversee the issuance of appointment letters to 2,721 newly recruited teachers.

The recruitment of these additional teachers aims to fill vacancies left by departing educators, with 4,500 teachers recruited directly by the Ministry collecting their appointment letters from various provinces. 

The Ministry, in collaboration with stakeholders, is rigorously verifying all documents presented by teachers to maintain the credibility of the process.

Ms. Muneku emphasized the importance of the verification process in detecting fake qualifications and ensuring that only genuine teachers receive appointment letters. 

The Ministry’s commitment to efficiency and effectiveness has resulted in the detection and handling of fraudulent qualifications in accordance with the law.

Acknowledging the concerns of newly recruited teachers, Permanent Secretary Kawana urged patience as the issuance of appointment letters continues until March 28th, 2024. 

He reassured teachers that the Ministry is diligently working to expedite the process while maintaining integrity and fairness.

The visit to the National Science Centre underscores the Ministry’s dedication to transparent and accountable practices in teacher recruitment and appointment. 

By prioritizing verification and adherence to legal standards, the Ministry aims to instill confidence in the teaching profession and ensure quality education for all students.

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