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President Inaugurates Zambia Breweries’ $80 Million State-of-the-Art Plant in Lusaka

President Hakainde Hichilema inaugurated the expanded Zambia Breweries PLC plant in Lusaka this afternoon. This achievement represents the culmination of months of dedicated effort and an impressive $80 million investment by Zambia Breweries PLC in a state-of-the-art facility.

During the inauguration ceremony, President Hichilema commended Zambia Breweries PLC for embracing the government’s challenge to upgrade its plant, emphasizing the positive impact on both local sales and exports, as well as job creation. 

The President urged citizens to respect and appreciate such investments, highlighting their crucial role in fostering economic growth and supporting vital initiatives like free education and the enhanced Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

President Hichilema emphasized that investments play a pivotal role in providing the necessary resources for the betterment of the people, especially in sectors like health and other social services. He called for the public to avoid stereotyping investment, recognizing its broader contributions to societal development.

The President applauded Zambia Breweries PLC for going beyond economic contributions and creating a secure outgrower market for 6000 Zambian farmers. 

The company’s focus on crops like sorghum in Gwembe, cassava in Luapula, sugar in Mazabuka, and other areas was highlighted as a positive step towards supporting local agriculture and rural development.

Additionally, President Hichilema praised Zambia Breweries PLC for its commitment to leading the fight against drug and alcohol abuse. He commended the company for setting high standards for safe alcohol consumption, reflecting a corporate responsibility towards public health.

The expanded plant not only symbolizes economic progress but also positions Zambia Breweries PLC as a key player in sustainable business practices. 

The President expressed optimism about the plant’s potential to contribute significantly to the nation’s prosperity and welfare, emphasizing the importance of such private-sector partnerships in Zambia’s journey towards socio-economic development.

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