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Minister of Green Economy and Environment Holds Talks with EU Ambassadors on Climate Change and Forestry

The Minister of Green Economy and Environment, Hon. Eng. Collins Nzovu, MP, engaged in discussions today with eight Ambassadors from the European Union to address pressing environmental concerns.

The closed-door meeting, held in Lusaka, focused on collaborative efforts to combat climate change, mitigate the impact of drought, and promote sustainable forestry practices.

Prior to the meeting, Hon. Nzovu, who oversees the Zambia Meteorological Department, expressed apprehension regarding the anticipated negative effects of drought in the country.

He highlighted concerns about potential crop failures and subsequent food insecurity, emphasizing the government’s commitment to ensuring food security for all Zambians.

Furthermore, the Minister raised the issue of energy insecurity resulting from diminished water levels for hydro power generation due to the drought.

He stressed the importance of energy efficiency measures to mitigate potential energy deficits and reaffirmed the government’s dedication to promoting investment in renewable energy sources.

In acknowledging the support received from the European Union and its Member States, Hon. Nzovu thanked the EU for its assistance across various sectors in Zambia.

The meeting served as a follow-up to the recently held Zambia-EU Dialogue meeting, focusing on climate change and environmental issues, which are integral components of the common agenda shared by Zambia and the EU.

Ambassador Karolina Stasiak, representing the EU Delegation to Zambia and COMESA, underscored the importance of the meeting in advancing dialogue on climate change and environmental sustainability.

She highlighted the mutual interests shared between Zambia and the EU, emphasizing the significance of collaboration in addressing these critical issues.

Accompanying Hon. Nzovu were senior officials from the Ministry, including Permanent Secretary Dr. Douty Chibamba, Forestry Director Mr. Sitwala Wamunyima, and Acting Director of Human Resources and Administration Mr. Frank Mbwayu, among others.

EU Member States represented at the meeting included Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, and Italy, along with Deputy Head of Mission Ms. Petra Gasparova, EU Team Leader Mr. Matthias Reusing, and EU Programme Manager Ms. Cristina Soriani.

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