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ZRA Denies Issuing Demand Notice to Airtel Zambia

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has officially refuted claims circulating in an audio message alleging that a demand notice has been issued to telecommunications giant Airtel Zambia for outstanding tax liabilities.

In a statement released today, Oliver Nzala, Manager of ZRA Corporate Communications, clarified that no such demand notice has been issued to Airtel Zambia. 

The claims, which suggested that Airtel owed ZMW2.5 million in taxes, were deemed false by the authority.

Mr. Nzala emphasized the commitment of ZRA to support businesses operating in Zambia, ensuring they thrive while fulfilling their tax obligations. 

He further encouraged taxpayers to prioritize voluntary compliance, reducing the risks associated with non-compliance.

The Zambia Revenue Authority reiterated its dedication to fostering mutual relations with tax-compliant businesses within the country, underlining the importance of cooperation between the authority and the business community.

The clarification comes amidst concerns raised by the public regarding the alleged tax liabilities of Airtel Zambia. 

ZRA’s prompt response seeks to dispel any misinformation and maintain transparency in its dealings with taxpayers and businesses.

Airtel Zambia, one of the leading telecommunications companies in the country, has yet to comment on the matter. 

However, the clarification from ZRA provides assurance to both Airtel Zambia and the general public regarding the tax status of the company.

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