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Zambia Commemorates World Radio Day, Emphasizing Radio’s Vital Role

Today, Zambia joined nations across the globe in celebrating World Radio Day, recognizing the profound influence and significance of radio in society. 

The commemoration, held in Ndola at Mukuba Hotel, saw government officials, media representatives, and citizens gather to honor the enduring impact of radio on the Copperbelt province and beyond.

Representing the Minister of Information and Media, Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa MP, Mr. Thabo Kawana, the Permanent Secretary, led the event, emphasizing the pivotal role of radio in informing and empowering communities.

During the celebration, key highlights emerged:

Honourable Mweetwa underscored radio’s frontline position in providing crucial information to the people of the Copperbelt, highlighting its role in disseminating vital news and updates.

The Minister also lauded radio’s contribution to raising awareness about investments and business opportunities, thereby positively influencing the provincial economy.

Government reaffirmed its commitment to enhancing media standards in Zambia through collaborative efforts, emphasizing the importance of responsible broadcasting practices.

Recognizing radio’s dual nature of power and responsibility, the Minister stressed the need for careful handling to mitigate potential negative impacts.

Updates on legislative reforms were shared, including consultations on repealing and replacing the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) and Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) Acts, aligning regulations with technological advancements.

In a move to support growth in broadcasting, music, and film industries, the government announced a three-year waiver on customs duty for selected equipment.

Additionally, approximately 60 radio and television licenses were issued over the past two years, expanding platforms for citizen expression and engagement.

Renowned radio programs like “Let the People Talk” and “Ilyashi lya Panosonde” were highlighted for their role in fostering dialogue and debate among Zambian citizens.

In his concluding remarks, the Minister urged the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) to ensure widespread dissemination of the tax relief message to all radio and television stations, maximizing the benefits of the government’s tax relief measures over the next three years.

Radio continues to serve as a vital source of information, dialogue, and community engagement in Zambia, exemplifying its enduring impact on society.

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