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LCC Urges Community Members to Seek Approval Before Building

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) is urging community members to seek its approval before embarking on any construction projects within the city. 

This directive comes from Whitney Kolombo, the Acting Director of Engineering Services at LCC, who emphasizes the importance of proper planning and safety in the city’s development.

Engineer Kolombo highlights the necessity for developers to obtain council approval before erecting residential, commercial, or public structures. 

He underscores that some structures may not be suitable for certain areas, such as residential or industrial zones, emphasizing the need for consultation to ensure adherence to zoning regulations.

According to Engineer Kolombo, proper planning is vital for creating well-connected settlements with access to essential amenities like road networks and water supply systems. 

He stresses that the council will continue its efforts to educate the public on the significance of planning before construction to foster sustainable urban development.

Furthermore, Engineer Kolombo appeals to residents to cooperate with the council in enhancing the planning of the city’s settlements. 

He urges them to refrain from dumping garbage in drainages, as this obstructs the free flow of water and leads to flooding and other environmental hazards.

In line with this, the council vows to enforce regulations against those who violate drainage rules, emphasizing the importance of community compliance in maintaining a safe and clean environment.

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