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Norwegian Ambassador Discusses Collaboration with Zambian Minister Amid Drought Crisis

Her Excellency Ms. Ingrid Marie Mikelsen, the Norwegian Ambassador designate to Zambia and Malawi, recently paid a courtesy call on Honorable Eng. Collins Nzovu MP, the Minister of Green Economy and Environment in Zambia, in a diplomatic exchange aimed at fostering cooperation and addressing pressing environmental challenges.

During their meeting, the two dignitaries engaged in discussions on various critical issues, with a primary focus on Zambia’s current drought situation and the imperative to bolster collaboration between the two nations.

Honorable Nzovu underscored the urgency of finding sustainable solutions to the challenges affecting Zambia, emphasizing the necessity of investment in key sectors such as energy, water, agriculture, and forestry. He particularly highlighted the importance of providing irrigation systems to smallholder farmers, especially in areas severely impacted by the drought.

Expressing deep concern over Zambia’s severe drought and subsequent crop failures, Honorable Nzovu stressed the gravity of the situation, indicating that the country was facing significant challenges. He reiterated Zambia’s desire to strengthen collaboration with Norway to improve the quality of life for its citizens.

In response, Ambassador Ingrid Marie Mikelsen expressed Norway’s understanding of Zambia’s predicament and affirmed the willingness of her country to collaborate closely in addressing these challenges. She acknowledged Zambia’s heightened vulnerability to drought compared to other countries in the region.

Ambassador Mikelsen assured the Honorable Minister of Norway’s commitment to supporting Zambia in mitigating the adverse effects of climate change. She outlined potential areas of cooperation, including investment in green and clean energy, forestry, and sustainable agriculture, among others.

The diplomatic dialogue between the Norwegian Ambassador and the Zambian Minister reflects a shared commitment to finding innovative solutions to mitigate the impact of environmental crises and foster sustainable development. 

As Zambia navigates the challenges posed by drought and climate change, collaboration with international partners like Norway holds promise for building resilience and ensuring a brighter future for its citizens.

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