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Southern Province Youth Empowerment Program Boosts Economic Opportunities

The Government has launched two groundbreaking initiatives under the Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Arts. Hon. Elvis Nkandu, MP, the Minister responsible for Youth, Sport, and Arts, unveiled these programs during his tour of duty in the province alongside Hon. Credo Nanjuwa, Minister of Southern Province.

The General Youth Empowerment program is set to provide tangible support to twelve vulnerable youth groups across ten districts in Southern Province.

Each group will receive a motorbike on a loan basis, offering them mobility and opportunities to engage in income-generating activities.

These motorbikes, provided under favorable terms with a fixed interest rate of 10% over 24 months, aim to enhance the entrepreneurial endeavors of the selected youth.

Additionally, the National Youth Empowerment Scheme targets 2000 vulnerable youth in the province, offering them grants ranging from K500 to K5000.

These grants are specifically tailored to facilitate small-scale income-generating projects, providing a vital lifeline for young entrepreneurs striving to establish themselves in various sectors.

During an official ceremony in Mapatizya, Zimba district, Minister Nkandu underscored the significance of these initiatives in fostering youth development and empowerment.

He emphasized the government’s commitment to equipping young people with the necessary resources and opportunities to thrive economically and socially.

Furthermore, Minister Nkandu distributed grants to 200 deserving youth beneficiaries while also extending support to community sports teams with the provision of 20 sports kits.

This comprehensive approach to youth empowerment not only addresses economic challenges but also promotes health and well-being through sports engagement.

Minister Nkandu urged beneficiaries to utilize the provided resources judiciously, emphasizing the importance of responsible and sustainable business practices.

By encouraging prudent management of the grants and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among the youth, the government aims to catalyze lasting economic transformation and prosperity in Southern Province.

The Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Arts reiterated its commitment to advancing youth-centered policies and programs, reaffirming its dedication to fostering an environment conducive to the holistic development of young people across Zambia.

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