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OYV Concerns Over Escalating Cost of Living and Food Scarcity in Zambia

Operation Young Vote (OYV), a prominent civil society organization, has issued a stark warning regarding the unbearable cost of living and the scarcity of staple food in Zambia.

In an official statement released by OYV’s Executive Director, Guess Nyirenda, the organization expressed deep concern over the worsening situation, urging the government to take immediate action.

The statement highlighted the distressing reality faced by the majority of Zambian citizens, who are grappling with skyrocketing living expenses and the scarcity of staple food, particularly maize meal.

Nyirenda underscored the severity of the crisis, noting that citizens are subjected to long queues for essential food items, only to find supplies depleted before their turn.

Of particular concern to OYV is the government’s response, which appears to prioritize political maneuvering over addressing the pressing needs of the populace.

Nyirenda criticized the government for focusing on attacking political opponents rather than implementing pragmatic solutions to alleviate the suffering of the people.

The statement emphasized the urgency of the situation, with Nyirenda warning that delays in addressing the challenges of food scarcity and high living costs could further erode public confidence in the government.

OYV called on the ruling party, the United Party for National Development (UPND), to demonstrate leadership and prioritize the welfare of citizens over political interests.

Nyirenda urged the UPND to desist from politicking and focus on finding real solutions to the crisis at hand. Failure to act decisively, Nyirenda warned, could lead to a loss of trust in the government and exacerbate public discontent.

While acknowledging government initiatives such as employment creation and increases to the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), OYV emphasized that these efforts pale in comparison to the challenges faced by ordinary citizens.

Nyirenda stressed that the positive strides made by the government are overshadowed by the unbearable cost of living and food scarcity experienced by the majority of Zambians.

In conclusion, OYV called on the government to prioritize the well-being of its citizens and take immediate action to address the crisis.

With the situation reaching critical levels, OYV underscored the need for urgent intervention to alleviate the suffering of the Zambian people.

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