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Controversy Surrounds Arrest of Pastor Abraham Lloyd Mulenga

Pastor Abraham Lloyd Mulenga, popularly known as Prophet Abraham Angel Israel and leader of Angelic Ministry Church in Lusaka, has been apprehended and detained by police at Lusaka Central Station.

The arrest stems from an incident that occurred on February 6th, 2024, along Cairo Road in Lusaka.

According to reports from the Police Public Relations Officer, Rae Hamoonga, Pastor Mulenga was taken into custody for allegedly conducting himself in a manner likely to cause a breach of the peace.

It is reported that he entered a Shoprite store along Cairo Road accompanied by approximately 100 youths whom he had purportedly rounded up earlier to clean the town center.

Despite entering the shop with the intention of purchasing food for the group, Pastor Mulenga failed to settle the bill, prompting intervention from authorities.

The suspect is currently detained at Lusaka Central Police Station and will face charges related to the offense of Conduct Likely to Cause a Breach of the Peace.

Additionally, it has been revealed that Mulenga is facing another case at Chawama Police Station, where he is accused of Obtaining Money by False Pretenses.

Following legal procedures, Mulenga will be transferred to Chawama Police Station to answer to the charges against him.

The arrest of Pastor Mulenga has sparked controversy within the community, with some members of his congregation expressing shock and disbelief. Others, however, have raised concerns about his conduct and the allegations against him.

In response to the incident, the Zambia Police Service has reiterated its commitment to maintaining law and order in communities.

The public has been urged to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and report any suspicious activities. The police assure that the legal process will be followed diligently to ensure justice is served.

As the case unfolds, there is heightened interest in the outcome of Pastor Mulenga’s legal proceedings and the implications it may have on his ministry and followers.

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