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Expert Advises Caution in Herbicide Usage for Conservation Agriculture

Dr. Oliver K Bulaya, an agricultural expert, emphasized the importance of responsible herbicide usage in conservation agriculture. 

With the new month of February underway, Dr. Bulaya provided valuable insights into the challenges of herbicide resistance and cautioned against the use of certain chemicals.

One of the key points raised by Dr. Bulaya is the risk of herbicide resistance, which occurs when plants develop the ability to survive herbicide applications that would normally be lethal. 

This resistance can arise from the intensive and repeated use of the same chemicals over several years. 

To combat this issue, Dr. Bulaya recommended diversifying weed management strategies, including manual or mechanized weeding and rotating herbicides with different chemical compositions.

Moreover, Dr. Bulaya highlighted specific herbicides that are not recommended for use in conservation agriculture due to their potential risks. 

He cautioned against the use of herbicides containing Paraquat, citing its toxicity to humans and animals.

Additionally, he advised farmers to avoid herbicides containing ATRAZINE STRAIGHT/ONLY, as they can hinder crop rotation due to long residue retention.

In light of these concerns, Dr. Bulaya provided tips for effective herbicide application, emphasizing the importance of product knowledge, timing, and proper mixing.

He also encouraged farmers to seek guidance from experts and participate in training sessions organized by relevant institutions.

Dr. Bulaya’s commentary comes at a critical time as farmers prepare for the upcoming planting season. His insights serve as a reminder of the importance of sustainable farming practices and the need for informed decision-making in agricultural operations.

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Dr. Bulaya’s commentary underscores the significance of responsible herbicide usage in conservation agriculture.

By raising awareness of the risks associated with certain chemicals and providing guidance on alternative weed management strategies, he aims to empower farmers to make informed choices for sustainable farming practices. 

As the agricultural sector in Zambia continues to evolve, Dr. Bulaya’s expertise serves as a valuable resource for farmers seeking to optimize their productivity while preserving the environment.

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