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Chililabombwe District Urges Active Participation in WDC Elections

Chililabombwe Town Clerk, Mrs. Shilla Songolo, has urged residents to prioritize the upcoming Ward Development Committee (WDC) elections.

The call was made during a Special District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) meeting held on February 7th, 2024, in the Council Chamber.

Mrs. Songolo emphasized the critical role of WDC elections in driving local development initiatives, stressing that they should not be underestimated.

Recognizing the potential challenges associated with these elections, she underscored the importance of handling them with diligence to ensure a smooth and orderly process.

“As a Council, we have come to understand the significance of WDC elections and the impact they have on our district’s development. It is crucial that we approach these elections with seriousness and commitment,” stated Mrs. Songolo.

She also commended the peaceful nature of Chililabombwe’s community and expressed confidence that with everyone’s support, the upcoming elections would be conducted in an organized manner.

Echoing Mrs. Songolo’s sentiments, Chililabombwe District Commissioner and DDCC Chairperson, Ms. Precious Njekwa, issued a challenge to the youth.

She encouraged them to uphold exemplary behavioral standards, emphasizing that such conduct would enhance their chances of being elected to significant positions within the district.

Ms. Njekwa emphasized the pivotal role of youth in driving positive change and community development.

She urged them to actively participate in the electoral process and vie for leadership roles within the WDC, highlighting the potential for youth-driven initiatives to contribute significantly to the district’s progress.

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