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SDH Receives k1.3m Worth Medical Equipment from STC

Siavonga Town Council (STC) has officially delivered medical equipment valued at over K1.3 million to Siavonga District Hospital (SDH). 

The substantial procurement, including critical tools like Ultrasound, Anaesthesia, Suction, Nebulizer Machines, Vacuum Extractor, and Neonatal Incubator, has been made possible through the 2022 Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocation.

Council Chairperson Given Kwapu presided over the handover ceremony, emphasizing the government’s profound commitment to the well-being of its citizens. 

Mr. Kwapu underscored the importance of the medical equipment in enhancing service delivery at Siavonga District Hospital.

“This gesture exemplifies the great importance the government attaches to the lives of its people,” stated Mr. Kwapu during the handover. 

He expressed confidence that the newly acquired medical equipment would significantly contribute to improving the quality of healthcare services provided by the facility.

Moreover, Mr. Kwapu urged the Hospital Management to ensure the optimal use of the equipment, emphasizing that their proper utilization is essential to maintaining and enhancing the quality of health services, preventing any compromise on patient care.

Dr. Adija Sumbwe, the District Health Director, acknowledged the transformative impact of the new machines on the hospital’s service delivery capabilities. 

She extended gratitude to the government, Siavonga Town Council, and the CDF Committee for the substantial investment in the healthcare sector.

“The procurement of these machines will undoubtedly empower Siavonga District Hospital to better serve the healthcare needs of the local population,” said Dr. Sumbwe.

Dr. Mwansa, the Medical Officer-in-charge, highlighted the relief the medical equipment brings to Siavonga residents. With the acquisition of crucial machines, the hospital can now conduct essential medical tests locally, reducing the burden of referrals to distant facilities such as Chirundu.

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