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Proflight Zambia and Air Tanzania Forge Seamless Travel Alliance

Proflight Zambia, the leading commercial airline in Zambia, has announced an exciting development in the realm of regional air travel as it establishes a new interline ticketing agreement with Air Tanzania. 

This partnership aims to provide passengers with access to an expanded network of destinations and a seamless travel experience.

The interline agreement facilitates a smooth ticketing process, enabling travelers to effortlessly book itineraries that span both Proflight Zambia and Air Tanzania. This collaboration enhances the convenience and flexibility of travel options for passengers, allowing them to enjoy the benefits and services of both airlines in a single, integrated journey.

Captain Josias Walubita, Director of Flight Operations at Proflight Zambia, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “With the interline agreement now in effect, the aim is to provide cost-effective and flexible travel options for passengers traveling with both airlines. We look forward to enhancing passenger experiences across both airlines’ routes.”

Air Tanzania’s Managing Director, Eng. Ladislaus Matindi, highlighted the strategic advantages for passengers, stating, “By choosing to travel with us, passengers will join the largest network family of Air Tanzania where they can now benefit from better connections and suitable travel options within Zambia domestic routes and other four major cities including Dar es Salaam, Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town as part of our commitment in providing extraordinary timely travel solutions to our passengers across the Southern African region.”

The interline agreement between Proflight Zambia (P0/659) and Air Tanzania (TC/197) officially came into effect on December 18, 2023. This collaboration allows Air Tanzania to issue tickets for Proflight Zambia’s flights, and vice versa, expanding travel possibilities for passengers.

In the upcoming year, discounted fares for combined itineraries involving both airlines will be made available on Proflight Zambia’s website and Global Distribution System (GDS). Passengers can anticipate a more extensive range of travel options, making regional journeys more accessible and convenient.

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