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DEC Seizes Over 5 Tons of Cannabis  

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) of Zambia has successfully executed a series of targeted raids, seizing over 5 tons of cannabis and various narcotics. 

The operations, conducted across different regions, align with the DEC’s strategic goal of dismantling the illegal substance supply chain and reducing their availability in communities.

The intensified operations come as a proactive measure to address the surge in criminal activities and the emergence of dangerous groups known as ‘Junkies,’ safeguarding communities from the adverse impacts of illegal drugs.

In a notable operation in North-Western Province’s Kalumbila District, DEC apprehended two individuals, Rodwell Kamboro (44) and Lemon Kamboro (78), both from Mulenga area. 

The duo faces charges for the unlawful cultivation of an extensive amount of fresh cannabis weighing a staggering 3.12 tonnes.

Another successful drug raid in North-Western Province’s Chavuma District resulted in the arrest of Mukoka Chisola (45) and Harry Njapau (27) for the unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis and trafficking in loose psychotropic substances, totaling over 44 kilograms.

In Northern Province, DEC’s operations led to the seizure of over one tonne of fresh cannabis plants and over six kilograms of loose cannabis. Eight suspects from Kasama and Mpulungu districts have been arrested and charged, addressing various drug-related offenses.

The suspects include Chileshe Mathews (24), Hildah Kasonde (45), Emmanuel Mutale (19), Chanda Judith (18), Mwenya Ngosa (45), Hezwell Ngosa (21), Thomas Singongo (40), Anne Nkole (37), Chanda Florence (24), and Mwamba Benjamin (28). Charges range from unlawful cultivation to trafficking in loose cannabis.

Meanwhile, in Kapiri Mposhi District, a Somalian national identified as Jama Faysal Siciid (58) was apprehended for trafficking in over five kilograms of fresh khat-miraa believed to have been imported from Tanzania.

The DEC’s dedication to upholding the law and ensuring the safety and well-being of Zambians is evident in these successful operations. By dismantling cultivation and trafficking networks, the Commission aims not only to bring criminals to justice but also to prevent associated crime, violence, and health problems linked to the drug trade.

Public Relations Officer Mwenge Mulenga emphasized the tireless efforts of the DEC, sending a strong message to those involved in illegal drug activities. 

He said that the Commission remains resolute in eradicating this harmful trade from Northwestern Province and beyond, reinforcing its commitment to creating safer and healthier communities.

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