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Govt’s Resettlement Plan Receives Praise from Stakeholders for Improving Lives

Various groups have expressed support for the government’s initiative to resettle vulnerable individuals living in selected unplanned compounds in Lusaka. 

The plan aims to alleviate congestion and provide dignified living conditions, especially in light of the recent cholera outbreak.

The Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, in collaboration with the office of the Vice President, has successfully repatriated 35 families to Kambilombilo in Lufwanyama as part of the resettlement effort.

Stakeholders, including community members, have welcomed the initiative as a positive step toward improving living conditions and mitigating waterborne diseases such as cholera. 

The move is seen as a crucial response to the urgent need for decongestion in crowded areas.

Ms. Lydia Akatoko expressed her gratitude during an interaction meeting with the Minister of Community Development and Social Services, Ms. Doreen Mwamba. 

Speaking on behalf of vulnerable people in Matero, Ms. Akatoko thanked President Hakainde Hichilema for what she described as a life-changing gesture. 

She stated that the people fully support the ambitious resettlement program and are eager to see its full implementation aligning with the government’s development goals.

Minister Mwamba acknowledged the overwhelming positive response from stakeholders and encouraged the government to continue its efforts to enhance the lives of the people. 

She assured that those moved to resettlement areas would not be abandoned and emphasized that the government is committed to providing all necessary amenities for them to live dignified lives.

Calling for collaborative efforts, Ms. Mwamba urged everyone to support the government’s resettlement plans. 

She emphasized the importance of working together to achieve common goals and address the significant issues affecting vulnerable people in society

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