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Zambia’s Accession to Central Corridor Agreement Applauded at Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting

The Minister of Transport and Logistics, Museba Frank Tayali, MP, addressed the Extraordinary Meeting of the Inter-State Council of Ministers for the Central Corridor Transit Transport Facilitation Agency (CCTTFA) held at the Bank of Tanzania Conference Hall.

Minister Tayali commended the Member States for their approval of Zambia’s accession to the Central Corridor Agreement. 

He assured that Zambia is committed to promptly completing its internal legal and administrative processes related to the accession within the first quarter of 2024, well before the next Inter-State Council of Ministers Meeting.

Expressing confidence in Zambia’s dedication to the Central Corridor’s objectives, Hon. Tayali reaffirmed the country’s readiness to provide crucial support for the successful implementation of the corridor.

The Extraordinary Meeting, attended by regional dignitaries, saw the participation of the Minister of Transport of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Prof. Makame Mbarawa, the Minister of Commerce, Transport, Industry, and Tourism of the Republic of Burundi, Hon. Marie Chantal Nijimbere, the Minister of Works and Transport of the Republic of Uganda, Hon. General Katumba Wamala, the Minister of Infrastructure of the Republic of Rwanda, Hon. Jimmy Gasare, and the Minister of Transport and Public Works of the Republic of Malawi, Hon. Eng. Jacob Hara.

Though absent, the Minister of Transport and Channels of Communication of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Hon. Marc Ekila Likombo, was represented at the meeting.

The inclusion of Zambia in the Central Corridor Agreement is expected to enhance regional connectivity and boost trade facilitation, further solidifying the collaborative efforts among member states. 

As the Ministerial Council continues its discussions, the positive developments surrounding Zambia’s accession are anticipated to contribute significantly to the corridor’s overall effectiveness and success.

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