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Concerns Raised Over Media Freedom and Human Rights in Zambia

Governance Expert and Human Rights Advocate, Wesley Miyanda, has voiced grave concerns regarding the state of media freedom and freedom of speech in Zambia. 

Mr. Miyanda highlighted the apparent reluctance of the UPND leadership to address abuses of human rights, including freedom of speech, assembly, and association.

According to Mr. Miyanda, unnecessary arrests of citizens, particularly political opponents, and prolonged detentions without due process are rampant. 

He criticized the unprofessional conduct of law enforcement officers, which he believes tarnishes the image of the UPND Government and could impact the ruling party’s prospects in the upcoming 2026 general elections.

Mr. Miyanda also raised alarm over the lack of political tolerance in the country, citing instances of opposition parties being denied political space to engage with citizens and promote their agendas. 

He condemned the harassment and brutality inflicted by police officers on innocent civilians, noting a growing sense of fear and mistrust among Zambian citizens towards law enforcement agencies.

Furthermore, Mr. Miyanda expressed disappointment with the state of media freedom, highlighting cases of journalists being arrested, harassed, and tortured by authorities. 

He urged the new administration under President Haakainde Hichilema to address these issues promptly to uphold the principles of media freedom and human rights.

In Miyanda’s view, enhancing political sanity and ensuring equal opportunities for all political players are essential for Zambia’s democratic progress. 

He emphasized the need for a free and fair political environment devoid of intimidation from the ruling party.

Miyanda concluded by urging Zambians to exercise their political rights responsibly while acknowledging the unity of the nation under the motto “One Zambia, One Nation.”

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