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ZRA Seizes Alcohol Concealed as Gaga

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has successfully intercepted a truck attempting to smuggle 2,222 cases of alcoholic beverages, estimated to cause a potential revenue loss of K4.2 million. 

The operation, executed by the ZRA’s Mobile Enforcement Unit, uncovered a creative attempt at concealment.

The intelligence received by the enforcement unit indicated that a truck was offloading beer at a specific truck yard in Lusaka. 

Upon investigation, officials discovered that the alcoholic beverages were cleverly concealed under bags of maize bran, commonly known as Gaga, a product typically used as chicken feed. 

The smugglers aimed to mislead authorities by disguising the alcohol as a shipment of maize bran from Eastern Province.

The seized alcohol, along with the truck used in the smuggling attempt, will be forfeited to the State, following the provisions outlined in the Customs and Excise Act of the Laws of Zambia. 

This underscores the seriousness with which authorities are treating attempts to evade customs duties and taxes.

The Zambia Revenue Authority strongly urges importers and transporters to refrain from engaging in such deceptive practices, emphasizing the severe consequences not only for the owners of the smuggled goods but also for the transporters involved.

ZRA officials reiterated their commitment to combating all forms of smuggling and protecting Zambia from economic sabotage associated with illicit trade. 

The public is encouraged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious trade practices in their areas to the Zambia Revenue Authority. 

Such collaborative efforts, officials note, are vital in creating a level playing field for all legitimate traders and safeguarding the country’s economic interests.

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