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Immigration Cracks Down on Illegal Activities

The Department of Immigration in Zambia has demonstrated its commitment to maintaining the integrity of the country’s immigration laws. Between 22nd and 24th January 2024, the department achieved significant milestones, including convictions, apprehensions, and the removal of illegal immigrants.

The Livingstone Regional Immigration Office reported the successful conviction of a Rwandese couple, Lodrigue Umuhoza (33) and Claudine Uwabe (28), for unlawful stay and engaging in business without a permit.

Acting on a tip-off, immigration officers discovered the couple in Livingstone’s Highlands. Subsequent investigations revealed their illegal stay and involvement in manufacturing liquid soap. The Livingstone Magistrate Court handed down fines of K 3,600 each or a default nine months of simple imprisonment, underscoring the consequences of immigration violations.

In another instance, the Chama Immigration Office secured the conviction of a 38-year-old Malawian Bricklayer, Isaac Nyirenda, for illegal entry and unlawful stay. Arrested on 20th December 2023, Nyirenda entered Zambia in 2010, settling without legal status. The court imposed a fine of K 25,000 or 18 months of simple imprisonment, accompanied by the forfeiture of his Zambian National Registration Card.

The Kapiri Mposhi Immigration Office, on 22nd January 2024, convicted a 28-year-old Egyptian national, Mohammed Salah Mohamed, for entering the country at a place other than a port of entry. He was fined K 15,000 or faced nine months of simple imprisonment.

Mohamed had been refused entry at Nakonde Border Control in December 2023, yet he was found aboard a Nakonde-bound public service bus during a routine check.

In Luanshya, convictions were secured for two refugees, a 22-year-old Somali, Hirsi Mahad Awil, and a 49-year-old Congolese, Kanke Ngandwe, for residing outside a refugee settlement without authority. Both were fined K6,999 and K7,500, respectively, or faced nine months of simple imprisonment.

These convictions marked a total of 38 secured by the Department of Immigration between 22nd and 24th January 2024. In addition to convictions, the department apprehended 80 individuals for various immigration offenses, removed 36 illegal immigrants from the country, and refused entry to five foreign nationals for not meeting entry requirements.

Namati H. Nshinka, the Public Relations Officer for the Department of Immigration, emphasized the department’s dedication to upholding immigration laws and ensuring the security and integrity of Zambia’s borders. These decisive actions he said, serve as a deterrent to potential violators and reinforce the nation’s commitment to maintaining a robust immigration system.

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