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Analyst Urges Zambia to Prioritize Job-Creating Industries and Technical Training

Mr. Kelvin Chisanga, an esteemed economic analyst, has emphasized the need for Zambia to prioritize and invest more in the real sectors of the economy.

Mr. Chisanga contends that focusing on primary and secondary sectors, coupled with technical and vocational training, is essential for job creation, increased productivity, and overall economic development.

Highlighting the prevailing dominance of the service sector or tertiary industry in Zambia’s economic landscape, Mr. Chisanga suggests that a reorientation towards primary and secondary sectors, especially with an emphasis on technical jobs, is crucial for producing tangible results.

He argues that a more balanced participation in the primary and secondary sectors will contribute significantly to the nation’s economic growth.

The economic analyst underscores the importance of aggressive investment policies, advocating for a shift in energy towards vocational and technical training programs.

Mr. Chisanga believes that fostering a skilled workforce in technical fields will not only create jobs but also enhance productivity in these sectors.

Emphasizing the potential positive impact on both local and regional economies, Mr. Chisanga stresses the need for Zambia to focus on the primary resource sector, catering to the demands for value addition.

He suggests that such a move will naturally lead to increased participation in the secondary sector, aligning with the establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area. This, in turn, could boost confidence in plans to revamp local industrialization processes.

In his concluding remarks, Mr. Chisanga advocates for a fundamental restructuring of Zambia’s economic framework, urging responsive policy systems to favor a shift towards primary and secondary sectors.

He envisions a scenario where the service industry plays a smaller, yet crucial, role by providing essential support to local industries. This strategic economic realignment, according to Mr. Chisanga, is imperative for Zambia to fully harness its potential as a resourceful nation and drive sustainable economic growth.

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