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Zambia’s Coach Instills Confidence in Chipolopolo Ahead of Morocco Showdown

Zambia’s national football team, Chipolopolo, under the leadership of coach Avram Grant, is gearing up to face 2023 World Cup semi-finalists Morocco in a crucial Group F AFCON match. 

Mr. Grant, speaking after Zambia’s 10-man squad rallied to draw with Tanzania, emphasized that his team will not be intimidated by the formidable Moroccan side.

Acknowledging Morocco’s strength on paper, Coach Grant stated, “Morocco is a very good team, but we don’t fear them. The team is better than us on paper, no doubt they are a very good team.”

Despite recognizing the prowess of their opponents, Grant expressed confidence in his team’s abilities and asserted that fear would not be a factor in their approach to the game.

Mr. Grant emphasized the importance of delivering a strong performance in the upcoming match at the Laurent Pokou Stadium. 

“We have to give a good performance against them, and I think you saw the second-half character we showed against Tanzania. We have to show the same character in the last game,” he added.

Highlighting the resilience of Chipolopolo, Mr. Grant praised his team’s gallant display, particularly after going a man down in the first half when Roderick Kabwe received a red card from Beninese referee Djindo Louis Houngnandande.

As Zambia currently sits in the third position in Group F with two points, the match against Morocco holds significant importance. Morocco leads the group with four points, and DR Congo is in the second spot, also with two points.

Mr. Grant remains optimistic about his team’s chances, aiming for a strong performance that could secure their spot in the round of 16. In the African Cup of Nations, the top two teams from each group advance, with four additional places available for the third-placed teams across the six groups. 

Chipolopolo’s showdown against Morocco promises to be a test of skill and determination as they vie for progression in the tournament.

Source: FAZ

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