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ZAMMSA Receives 7,050 Health Center Kits

The Zambia Medicines and Medical Supplies Agency (ZAMMSA) is making significant strides in reinforcing the country’s primary healthcare system with the recent receipt of its third consignment of 7,050 Health Center Kits (HCKs). 

This latest shipment, part of the initial procurement of 42,000 kits from Mission Pharma, marks a cumulative total of 21,150 kits received since August 2023.

Bradley Chingobe, Senior Manager of Corporate Communication at ZAMMSA, highlighted the importance of these health center kits in enhancing the availability of medicines and medical supplies (MMS) at healthcare facilities. 

The positive impact has already been felt, with some facilities reporting an increase in availability to over 80%.

The Health Center Kits play a pivotal role in Zambia’s primary healthcare system, ensuring a steady supply of essential medical resources. 

ZAMMSA, servicing over 3,000 healthcare service delivery points (SDPs) monthly across the country, is committed to distributing the kits in a timely manner to all these points.

Mr. Chingobe underscored the government’s commitment to maintaining a consistent supply chain of medicines and medical supplies, aiming to deliver health center kits every two months to healthcare facilities nationwide. 

The strategic procurement and distribution are part of the broader efforts to fortify the public health supply chain.

The distribution of the recently received kits will commence upon obtaining quality assurance clearance from the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA), adhering to established pharmacovigilance practices at ZAMMSA. 

Mr. Chingobe emphasized ZAMMSA’s unwavering commitment to continue procuring, storing, and distributing medicines and medical supplies to foster a healthy and productive Zambia.

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