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Residents Accuse Senior Police Officers of Land Grab in Chinyanja Ward

Over 300 residents of Ucetekelo Community in Lusaka’s Chinyanja ward have come forward with serious allegations against top senior police officers, accusing them of attempting to illegally seize land that has been their home for over two decades.

According to the residents, part of their land has allegedly been appropriated by senior police officers, including some who served in the previous government. They vehemently deny claims of encroachment on a 1,200-hectare land designated for farming activities for the Zambia Police Service.

In a press briefing, the residents recounted the destruction of their houses and properties by the Lusaka Planning Authority in 2013. They expressed dissatisfaction with the authority’s actions, alleging a lack of due diligence in verifying the truth before taking drastic measures.

One resident elaborated that their community had formally applied for the land through the Ministry of Lands. However, they claim that the process was hijacked by senior police officers who allegedly obtained the land for themselves.

Despite lodging complaints with the Anti-Corruption Commission for investigation, the residents lamented the lack of tangible results. They attribute this to the continued occupancy of key government positions by those implicated in the land dispute.

Calling for intervention, the residents urged President Hakainde Hichilema to remove the senior police officers involved, enabling the matter to be adjudicated in court. They emphasized that such actions by civil servants tarnish the president’s efforts to combat corruption within the government.

The allegations have stirred significant public outcry, highlighting concerns over corruption and abuse of power within law enforcement agencies. The community awaits a response from both the government and law enforcement authorities regarding the allegations and the fate of their land as tensions escalate.

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