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First Deputy Speaker’s Visits to Dubai  

Commencing a diplomatic initiative to strengthen ties between Zambia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Hon. Malungo A. Chisangano, the First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, undertook an official visit to Dubai. 

The visit included crucial meetings with the Zambian Consulate and representatives from the Northern Emirates on January 12nd, 2024.

The esteemed delegate was warmly welcomed by the Consul General-Designate, Professor Nkombo Muuka, and the diplomatic staff at the Dubai Consulate. The visit underscored the importance of fostering dialogue and collaboration between the two nations.

In a statement issued by the Consulate of the Republic of Zambia in Dubai, Prof. Muuka emphasized the significance of visits from Zambian officials, including those from the legislature. 

He highlighted the essential role these visits play in facilitating dialogue, sharing business ideas, and staying updated on the latest developments from Zambia. 

The Consul General expressed his optimism about the visit by the First Deputy Speaker, deeming it both encouraging and empowering.

During the meeting, Prof. Muuka shed light on the Consulate’s comprehensive roadmap, the 2024-2030 Strategic Plan, which focuses on broadening and deepening bilateral ties, particularly in the realm of Economic Diplomacy. 

The plan aims at fostering Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Joint Venture arrangements between UAE companies and the private sector in Zambia.

The First Deputy Speaker, in her remarks, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to interact with the Consul General and diplomats. 

She highlighted the cordial relations between Zambia and the UAE, citing recent high-profile visits by the President of Zambia and the Speaker of the National Assembly during the COP-28 Conference in Dubai.

Addressing parliamentary relations, challenges, and potential areas of cooperation, Hon. Chisangano pointed out the active membership of both the National Assembly of Zambia and the Federal National Council in the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU). 

She proposed the facilitation of more exchange programs between parliamentarians and staff of the two legislatures to promote and enhance parliamentary cooperation.

The First Deputy Speaker also shared insights into the ongoing parliamentary reforms in Zambia since 2002, including increasing the number of MPs for better representation and the establishment of the Parliamentary Budget Office. 

She conveyed plans to build a new and modern Parliamentary Chamber at a cost of approximately US$140 million, seeking support and partnership from the UAE.

In conclusion, Hon. Chisangano encouraged the Consul General and his team to continue their duties with utmost professionalism, emphasizing their responsibility in marketing Zambia across various sectors, including tourism. 

She expressed a collective commitment to realizing the dreams of a better Zambia under the New Dawn Government, particularly for the economically disadvantaged.

As part of the visit, the First Deputy Speaker received a guided tour of the Consulate, gaining insights into its operational functions. Notable exhibits included samples of Zambian export products, such as Kawambwa Tea, designated for marketing in the UAE on behalf of Zambian companies. 

The Consulate of the Republic of Zambia in Dubai notes that the First Deputy Speaker’s visit solidified diplomatic ties and showcased the potential for increased collaboration between Zambia and the UAE.

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