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Zambia Chinese Association Donates Anti-Cholera Kits to LCC Amidst Cholera outbreak

The Zambia Chinese Association has extended a helping hand to the Lusaka City Council by donating Anti-Cholera kits worth 200 Thousand Kwacha. 

The donation, comprising essential items such as Chlorine, Soap, wash basins, medical alcohol, gloves, and soaps, aims to fortify the city’s frontline staff against the ongoing health crisis.

Lusaka Mayor, Ms. Chilando Chitangala, received the donation and expressed her gratitude, emphasizing the timeliness of the gesture. 

She described the Cholera outbreak as a Public Health Emergency, citing alarming statistics from the Ministry of Health, which reported over 9 thousand cases and 200 deaths since the first case was announced in October 2023.

Ms. Chitangala acknowledged the severity of the situation and used the occasion to appeal for additional support in the fight against Cholera. 

She highlighted the need for collective efforts and urged other stakeholders to join hands in curbing the spread of the disease.

The Zambia Chinese Association Vice President, Xu Z. Oiong, expressed her organization’s commitment to partnering with the Lusaka City Council and the government. 

Ms. Oiong reiterated their dedication to supporting Zambia in controlling and treating the Cholera pandemic. She emphasized that Zambia is considered a home for all the people of the Republic Of China.

This generous donation not only provides essential resources for the immediate response to the Cholera outbreak but also underscores the importance of international collaboration in addressing public health emergencies. 

The Lusaka City Council extends its gratitude to the Zambia Chinese Association, while the mayor advocates for continued support from the government, the World Health Organisation (WHO), and other collaborating partners.

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