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Livingstone Mayor Expresses Concern Over Women and Children in Bars at Noon

Livingstone Mayor, Constance Muleabai, has raised alarm and expressed deep concern about the growing trend of women frequenting bars in the tourist capital with their babies in tow.

During an engagement meeting with bar owners and kachasu brewers in Simatobolo, Mayor Muleabai was taken aback to find drinking establishments filled with women and their children at midday. 

She shared her astonishment on her Facebook page, stating, “The revelations were shocking. This left us with many unanswered questions looking at the time my fellow women were drinking.”

Mayor Muleabai emphasized that this trend not only hampers women’s productivity but also jeopardizes the future and upbringing of children, hindering them from growing into responsible citizens.

In response to this disconcerting scenario, the Livingstone City Council (LCC) is contemplating the introduction of a by-law. 

This proposed legislation aims to prosecute parents and guardians who allow children into drinking establishments, holding them accountable alongside bar owners.

Mayor Muleabai concluded, “It is time for women to go back to the old days when they could spend most of their time gardening or venturing into businesses, rather than spending their precious time in bars.”

Source: Zambia Daily Mail

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