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Cholera Crisis in Lusaka Sparks Urgent Presidential Call for Unity

A pressing cholera outbreak is casting a looming threat over humanity, particularly in the city of Lusaka, where the majority of cases have surfaced. 

In response to this escalating crisis, Wesley Miyanda, a Governance Expert and Human Rights Advocate, has conveyed the urgent plea from Republican President Mr. Haakainde Hichilema.

President Hichilema is rallying for united efforts from citizens, businesses, and donor communities to pool resources and medical supplies for an effective counteroffensive against this devastating disease.

Wesley Miyanda commended the Chinese Government for their swift response, expressing gratitude for their donation of K20 million and the dispatch of a team of specialized medical doctors. 

The Association of Chinese Corporations in Zambia has gone above and beyond, generously contributing water tanks and a truck dedicated to transporting and supplying clean drinking water to 20,000 people daily.

In a heartfelt appeal, Mr. Miyanda has called on all citizens to set aside political differences and join hands with the government and other donor communities. 

The collective objective is to secure additional financial and medical support, fortifying the ongoing battle against the cholera pandemic.

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