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Children’s Code Act Brings Hope 

The government expresses optimism in the potential of the newly enacted Children’s Code Act to effectively combat child labour and other forms of child abuse in Sesheke District, a border town neighboring Namibia. The region has been identified as susceptible to issues such as child labour and trafficking.

The Children’s Code Act, specifically outlined in Section 13, prohibits the economic exploitation of children and any work deemed hazardous or likely to interfere with their education, physical or mental health, spiritual, moral, emotional, or social development.

Sesheke District Commissioner, Mr. Alex Namenda, emphasized the importance of the new law during the Children’s Code Act rollout consultative meeting. He highlighted the significant role the legislation is expected to play in rectifying the disregard for children’s rights in various aspects within the border town.

Mr. Namenda called upon stakeholders in the district to actively support the government in promoting and upholding the Children’s Code Act. The district commissioner anticipates that the enactment of this law will bring about a positive transformation in Sesheke, ensuring that children’s rights are safeguarded.

At the same meeting, Mrs. Beatrice Muyambango, Director for Child Development at the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, stressed the importance of not only popularizing the act but also familiarizing stakeholders with Child Participation and Safeguarding frameworks. 

She emphasized the holistic promotion of children’s welfare, highlighting their vulnerability and the need for secure environments in homes, schools, churches, and other social settings.

Mrs. Muyambango called on all stakeholders to actively protect children from any activities that could jeopardize their future. She clarified that the law does not grant children powers over their parents but rather acts as a safeguard against actions that could harm their overall well-being.

As the government takes a proactive stance against child labour in Sesheke District, the Children’s Code Act is anticipated to serve as a crucial tool in fostering a safer and more secure environment for the region’s children. The collective efforts of the government and stakeholders are expected to bring about positive change and address the challenges faced by children in the border town.

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