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Zambia Army and DEC Unite Against Illicit Activities at Annual Ball

In a demonstration of solidarity and commitment to combating drug-related and money-laundering crimes, the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) actively participated in the Zambia Army Annual Ball at the Army Headquarters in Lusaka on the eve of the New Year.

The Annual Ball, a significant event on the military calendar, brought together the Zambia Army, key stakeholders, and the DEC to welcome the year 2024 with a shared vision of addressing the growing challenges posed by drug-related crimes. 

The joint effort underscores the importance of collaboration between law enforcement agencies and the military in safeguarding national security and public welfare.

President Hakainde Hichilema, the Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Force, commended the Zambia Army for its professional conduct throughout 2023. 

In a speech delivered by the Minister of Defence, Mr Ambrose Lwiji Lufuma, the President expressed satisfaction with the military’s dedication and assured government support to motivate and empower the men and women in uniform to carry out their duties diligently.

The President emphasized the active involvement of Defence and Security Services in economic development programs, aligning with the government’s commitment to fighting corruption. President Hichilema declared a zero-tolerance campaign against corruption, calling it a societal cancer that must be eradicated. 

This commitment reflects the broader national agenda of promoting transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct within the country’s defence and security institutions.

Zambia Army Commander Lt. General Dennis Sitali Alibuzwi, addressing Senior Officers at the event, underscored the significance of discipline as the cornerstone of military service. Lt. Gen. 

Commander Sitali urged officers to maintain the highest standards of transparency and accountability, highlighting their pivotal role in career progression.

“I urge you, Senior Officers, to maintain your dignity by upholding transparency and accountability. Fitness is another aspect that is cardinal and is a basic requirement for all military personnel. Regular exercise will also contribute to your good health,” Lt Gen. Sitali stated.

The joint presence of the Drug Enforcement Commission at the Zambia Army Annual Ball symbolizes a collaborative and multi-faceted approach to addressing not only security challenges but also the underlying issues of corruption and illicit activities that threaten the nation’s well-being. 

The event marks a milestone in fostering unity between law enforcement agencies and the military, reinforcing their commitment to ensuring a secure and prosperous future for Zambia.

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